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Setting Up The Stripe Gateway (v2)

Last updated on Oct 16, 2023

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article refers to WP Ultimo version 2.x.

You can activate up to four methods of payment on our payment settings page: Stripe, Stripe Checkout, PayPal and Manual. In this article, we will see how to integrate with Stripe.

Enabling Stripe

To enable Stripe as an available payment gateway on your network, go to WP Ultimo > Settings > Payments and tick the toggle next to Stripe or Stripe Checkout on the Active Payment Gateways section.

Stripe vs Stripe Checkout:

Stripe: This method will show a space to insert the credit card number during the checkout.

Stripe Checkout: This method will redirect the customer to a Stripe Checkout page during the checkout.

Getting your Stripe API keys

Once Stripe is enabled as a payment gateway, you will need to populate the fields for Stripe Publishable Key and Stripe Secret Key . You can get this by logging in to your Stripe account.

Note: you can activate Sandbox mode to test if the payment method is working.

On your Stripe dashboard, click Developers on the top-right corner, and then API Keys in the left menu.

You can either use Test Data (to test if the integration is working on your production site) or not. To change this, twitch the Viewing test data toggle.

Copy the value from the Publishable key and Secret key, from the Token column and paste it on WP Ultimo Stripe Gateway fields. Then click to Save Changes.

Setting up Stripe Webhook

Stripe sends webhook events that notify WP Ultimo any time an event happens on your stripe account.

Click Developers and then choose the Webhooks item in the left menu. Then on the right hand side click Add endpoint*.*

You will need an Endpoint URL*.* WP Ultimo automatically generates the endpoint URL which you can find right below the Webhook Listener URLfield in WP Ultimo Stripe Gateway section_._

Copy the endpoint URL and paste it on Stripe Endpoint URLfield.

Next is to select an Event*.* Under this option, you just simply need to check the Select all events box and click to Add events. After that click Add Endpoint to save the changes.

That’s it, your Stripe payment integration is complete!