Managing Customers

Last updated on Oct 16, 2023

The Customers page will show you the list of members registered in your network. This page displays basic user information including name and email address, last login, and also a switch to link that will allow you to log in to the user's subsite as a site administrator instead of a super admin account.

If you click on Manage*,* right below a customer's card, you will be redirected to a page with more information regarding this specific customer.

Right at the At a Glance block, you can see the customer ID, thelast login time and the total grossed (spent) by this customer.

On the Customer Options block, you can set this customer as a VIP by toggling the VIP option on. This setting does not change anything to your customers, it is just a tag - like a favorite tag - which makes easier to find a customer. On the Billing Info tab, you can see the billing information for this customer (e-mail, address, country, etc..).

On the Fields block, you can see again the customer username, email and you are able to change the Email Verification status to verified, pending or none.

Right below the Customer Options block, we can see four other blocks: Memberships, Payments, Sites and Events.

They are self-explanatory: they show the current membership(s) the customer is subscribed to; the customer's payments history; the sites this customer owns; and the events related to this customer, like an email verification, a billing information change, etc...

If you need to change anything related to these fields, you can click on the arrow icon (>) and it will redirect you to the specific page for this field. For example, if we click on the arrow icon next to the website of the customer, we will be redirected to this specific website edit page, where you can edit the membership associated with it, the site type, if it is active or not, etc...

The same happens if you click on the arrow icon next to a membership or payment. You will be redirected to their pages where you can edit the membership status, the customer associated with this membership, add a new product to the membership, etc...

Or in the case of a payment, you can generate an invoice for this payment, change the membership which the payment was made for, change the payment gateway, and even refund the payment.

The last blocks of the Customers page, which are on the right of the Memberships, Payments, Sites and Events blocks, are the Last Login & IPs, Timestamps and Delete blocks.

On these blocks, you can see the last login, IP address and country of the customer; you can see when the customer account was created and the last time it was modified; and you can even delete the customer. Be aware that if you delete a customer, you will not be able to restore it back.