Why WP Ultimo

Last updated on Oct 16, 2023

If you got to this article, you probably heard that our plugin might be the solution to make your business idea come true. We hope you have the answers you need by the end of this piece.

What is WP Ultimo?

WP Ultimo is a WordPress Multisite plugin that enables you to offer customers a WaaS (a Website as a Service). With our plugin, you can have various subscription tiers and have customers pay you a recurring fee to have a site hosted in your Multisite network.

WP Ultimo lets you receive your payments with different gateways (such as WooCommerce or Stripe), create site templates to make your life much easier when a new user registers on your network, map domains, and personalize your registration forms to create a customized experience for your customers.

And this is just the beginning since you can extend its functions with add-ons and webhooks.

Other features

WP Ultimo also offers:

  • Domain Mapping integration with Managed WordPress hosting providers: WP Ultimo automatically adds mapped domains to the admin panels of WP Engine, Cloudways, cPanel, RunCloud, Closte, and more when a new domain is mapped, so you don’t have to do it manually. In some cases, we’ll even trigger SSL certificate fetching for you.

  • Webhooks: WP Ultimo has a powerful Webhook system that allows you to integrate your network with a number of different services. We even offer direct integration with Zapier, which opens your network to some 1000+ apps and services available on their platform.

  • Powerful Admin Pages to help your customers using your favorite page builder: WP Ultimo has a handy add-on called Admin Pages Creator, which basically allows you to add fully customized Admin Pages to your customers’ dashboard using Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Brizy templates.

  • Two different Admin Themes to customize the dashboard experience of your customers: Check Material WP and PRO.

And more advanced stuff:

  • Support to Template Overrides: With WP Ultimo, you can replace the default HTML templates for the signup flow with your own versions without worrying about changing core plugin files.

  • Search and Replace API: You can also annotate site templates with placeholders like {{site_name}} and use the Search and Replace API to auto-populate those placeholders with information provided by your customer right after sign-up, automatically.

Use cases

Now it's time to see some of the possible use cases for WP Ultimo.

Case 1: An Agency

Typically the core skills of an agency lie in the design of websites with aspects such as their hosting or marketing being listed as additional services.

For agencies, WP Ultimo presents an incredible value proposition in its ability to host and manage multiple websites on a single platform. Even more so agencies who standardize their designs on particular themes such as GeneratePress, Astra, OceanWP, or others can leverage WP Ultimo’s abilities to automatically activate these themes for each new site.

Tight control over plugins and themes is maintained on a per-product basis through WP Ultimo’s settings allowing plugins and themes to be made available or hidden as well as their activation state when instantiated for a new site.

Agencies will find peace of mind with WP Ultimo allowing them to do what they do best - design exceptional websites.

Case 2: Niche Provider

There is an old saying which says, “Do one thing and do it well”. For many specialists, this means creating a product or service around a single core idea.

If you are focused on developing a niche network of sites you would probably want to provide services based on a common framework and platform. That's when site templates may help!

One of WP Ultimo’s innovative features, a template site is one where the theme has been installed and activated, necessary plugins installed and activated, and sample posts or pages created. When a customer creates a new site based on the template, the contents and settings of the template are copied to the newly created site.

For a provider of niche sites and services, this provides an unparalleled advantage in the ability to instantly create a site ready to go with custom plugins and design. The customer only needs to provide minimal input to complete the service.

Case 3: WordPress Web Hosting

There are a myriad of ways to host WordPress sites but rarely it is as simple as providing web space to a customer with a pre-installed version of WordPress. This is because a number of decisions and considerations need to come together to provide a meaningful service.

WP Ultimo excels in this area by providing a comprehensive turnkey solution for the hosting of WordPress sites. Included in the solution are the core mechanisms to provide subscription services, payment collection, checkout forms, discount vouchers, and customer communications.

Much of the integral work required to correctly install, configure, and maintain a WordPress Multisite is facilitated by WP Ultimo to the extent that network administrators need only consider aspects as they relate to their service or niche such as product tiers, pricing, and service offers.

For developers wishing to integrate with WP Ultimo, the solution also offers a comprehensive RESTful API and Webhooks for event notification.

Without reliance on a myriad of external plugins and licenses, WP Ultimo provides a feature-rich and comparable solution to that of Wix, Squarespace, WordPress.com, and others.