Managing Sites

Last updated on Oct 16, 2023

Sites or Subsites are basically the bread and butter of your business. In this article, we will discuss how to manage and distinguish each type of site as well as what information is linked or connected to it.

WP Ultimo has 3 types of sites: Customer-owned which are sites under specific customers; Site templates which are your pre-defined sites that customers select as boilerplate; and Regular WP sites which are plain regular subsites in your multisite installation.

How to add a new site

To add a new site, you just simply click the Add Site button and a modal window will appear. You need to fill in the site title, site domain/path and choose the site type.

add new site

The Copy Site toggle button will allow you to create a new site based on a site template. If you choose to enable this field, you will be given an additional field to select a site template.

add new site

Make sure that the Copy Media on Duplication option is enabled then click the Add new Site button to complete the process.

How to manage existing sites

To manage the Sites, you can go to WP Ultimo menu and find the Sites option. This will bring up the Sites page which will show the list of subsites within your network. Notice that each site is labeled based on its type.

sites page

Then click the Manage button to get to the Edit Site page.

On this page, basic information will be displayed, like the site name, site typ e, site ID, description. It will also show the mapped domain, the membership or plan it is under, and the customer account that owns the site.

The Site Options section will allow you to manage the site's capabilities. These include setting limits and quotas for the site. By default, it follows the limits and quotas set on the membership level. Setting the limits on the site level will supersede the membership settings. These include limiting the number of site visits, the number of user accounts per user roles, limiting user roles and disk space, and enabling custom domain or domain mapping.

site options

In this section, you can also set how the plugins and themes will behave under this site. You can configure whether it will be visible or hidden and whether it will be pre-activated or just available for the user to have an option to use it.

Right below the site options is some information about the mapped domains associated with the site, the membership plan the site is under, and the customer account linked to the site. This section will help you to easily navigate through the associated or linked entities to the site.

On the right-hand side, you can enable or disable the site there is a toggle button that will allow you to easily enable or disable the site.

site activation

You can also find a metabox that will allow you to change the site type or reassign the site to another owner or user.

site type

There is also an option to set the site imag e or thumbnail, which is the image that will show on the front end if the site is a site template.

site image

Should you need to delete the site, there is a button that will allow you to do it, just note that this action is irreversible which means that the site cannot be reinstated once it is deleted.
delete site