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Customizing your Admin Panel with PRO Theme

Last updated on Oct 16, 2023

Often when doing client work we get the need to provide our clients with a custom experience in the admin dashboard of WordPress. If you are searching for a more professional look and feel, PRO Theme might help you.

PRO Theme is an admin theme developed to help you when customizing your clients’ Dashboard. And it’s also part of WP Ultimo’s premium plugins core.

After installing it, go to your Plugins page and click to activate it on your Network.

Activate it network-wide on your Plugins page

NOTE: If you just install it, it will show on your client’s as an option that can be marked to add the theme only to that user.

Now, you have your admin interface completely redesigned! You also have a new menu on the left column called PRO Theme.

A brand new look for your Admin Panel

On this menu you’ll have access to five tabs:

Styling Settings


Custom CSS


Activate PRO Theme

In each of them, you can enable and disable styling items, allow or block functionalities, and provide your clients with the customization they might be looking for on your network of sites.

Here is an example of what you can get after some adjustments:

Your client's Dashboard

A customized login page