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Activating WP Ultimo: Language Selector

Last updated on Oct 16, 2023

With this free add-on you can let your users choose which language they would like to see on the sign-up flow and on the login page.

After activating your license you will be able to install WP Ultimo add-ons your license gives you access to.

Go to your WP Ultimo settings page and then, on the menu on the left, click the Add-ons label.

Go to Add-ons page to start installing Language Selector

There, you will find all add-ons we offer.

Free add-ons are available to all our customers, regardless of the subscription plan they signed up to.

Click the Install it Now! button bellow the add-on’s thumbnail. Then activate it on Plugins page.

Click the button to install the add-on

Activate it on your Plugins page

Now, go to WP Ultimo’s Settings menu and enter the Network Settings tab. There, at the bottom of the page, you will find a new section called Languages.

A brand new section appears!

You can leave it blank to display all the languages as options or select which ones you’d like to make available. The languages are the ones you have installed in your WordPress set up.

List of languages available on this WP install

After saving the changes you made, a selection menu with the languages you chose will be displayed on the Login page as well as on the Sign-up Flow.

Language Selector on Login Page

Language Selector on the Sign-up Flow

Setting the Language via the URL

You can also change the language of a page bypassing the locale parameter to the URL. If you want to redirect to a register page in Italian, for example, add ?locale=it_IT to the URL.


The language must be installed on your WordPress network for this to work.