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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on Oct 11, 2023

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that often come up during support requests.

  • What is WP Ultimo?

WP Ultimo is a WordPress plugin, made for WordPress multisite installs, that transforms your WordPress install into a premium network of sites – like WordPress.com – allowing clients to create sites via monthly, quarterly, or yearly fees (you can also create Free plans).

  • Will WP Ultimo work without Multisite?

No. WP Ultimo requires WordPress multisite, subdirectory, or subdomain.

  • What are the requirements for WP Ultimo?

WP Ultimo requires:

WordPress Version: v5.3+ (Recommended: Last Stable Version)
PHP Version: 7.4.x (Support to > 8.0 coming soon)
MySQL Version: v5+ (Recommended: Version 5.6, in case you don't have 8.0 available on your hosting provider)

Multisite (subdomain or subdirectory) also needs to be activated. How to Install WordPress Multisite.

  • Will WP Ultimo work with Multisite with Subdirectories?

Yes. WP Ultimo supports both subdirectory installs and subdirectory installs.

  • Will WP Ultimo work with Multisite with Subdomains?

Yes. WP Ultimo supports both subdirectory installs and subdomain installs.

  • Can I use WP Ultimo to limit which Plugins and Themes users can use?

Yes. With WP Ultimo you can select which plugins and themes are available to each plan on your network.

  • Can I use WP Ultimo to limit the number of posts a user can create on his/her site?

Yes. With WP Ultimo you can establish post quotas for every available post type on your network. You can also limit the number of users the admin can invite, the amount of disk space, and much more.

  • Does WP Ultimo support Site Templates?

Yes. With WP Ultimo you can create as many Site Templates as you want. Site Templates are not themes, they are normal sites on your network. You can activate plugins, themes, and customize that Site Template in any way you want. If a user selects that template, his or her site will be created as a copy of that template, with all the customizations in place.

You can also set a particular template for a plan. By doing that, every user that signs up on that plan will have his or her site created as a duplicate of that Site Template.

  • Does WP Ultimo integrate with WooCommerce?


If you want your network users to have WooCommerce available for them, allowing them to set up stores, that is possible using WP Ultimo. You can even limit the number of products your clients will be able to create on each plan tier.

In terms of subscription payments for WP Ultimo, you can use the WP Ultimo: WooCommerce Integration Add-on to allow your WP Ultimo clients to pay using WooCommerce gateways on your main site. In that way, you can tap into the huge library of payment gateways developed for WooCommerce and use them to bill your WP Ultimo clients.

  • Is there a way to migrate subscriptions from WPMUDEV Pro Sites?

Yes, WP Ultimo now offers you a helpful tool to get you to migrate your Pro Sites network.

  • Why is the “Allowed Plugins” tab empty on my Plan Edit Page?

WP Ultimo only lets you allow or deny access to plugins not network-activated on your network. When a plugin is network-activated, by its very nature, it will be loaded by default on every site of your network.

If you do not see any plugins listed on the “Allowed Plugins” tab, check if the desired plugin is network-active or not.

  • Can I use my own Pricing Table design?

Yes. Since version 1.4.0, WP Ultimo supports template overrides.

  • Does WP Ultimo work with WP Engine?

Yes. WP Ultimo was always supported by WP Engine, but getting domain mapping to work required manual extra steps from the admin (adding the domain to the WP Engine panel). This is no longer the case since version 1.6.0. WP Ultimo integrates directly with the WP Engine API and domains get added to the panel automatically after mapping.

  • Which hosting provider do you recommend?

WP Ultimo should work with any hosting provider. The only difference is that some hosting company like Closte, Serverpilot, WPMUDEV, WP Engine, Cloudways, Gridpane and Runcloud.io has a tighter integration for domain mapping capabilities so they work out of the box. For other hostings. you may need to set up domain mapping manually.