With WP Ultimo you don’t need to create your entire network out of nowhere. Our plugin offers you the necessary tools to export and import your network configurations, including plans, coupons, and broadcasts.

First, go to your WP Ultimo Settings page, by clicking on the Settings menu on the left.

Then, navigate to the Export & Import tab.

To export WP Ultimo configurations, click the Export WP Ultimo Settings button.

This will generate a bundle .zip file with all your settings from WP Ultimo, aside Subscriptions and Transactions.

To import files, choose the .zip file you want to upload and click Save Changes to import settings. This will import all the data in the .zip file.

If you don't want to import everything, check the Partial Import box to select the data sets you want.

Important: If you choose to import plans, coupons and/or broadcasts, all the existing data on those categories will be wiped out from your install. This is IRREVERSIBLE, so be careful!

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