There are some occasions when you just don’t want to have a heavy and resource-consuming plugin active on your entire network of premium sites. 

Nevertheless, you would like to make this plugin available to your customers, on certain plains, for example.

That’s why WP Ultimo 2.0.0 offers you the Fake Custom Post Type feature, which allows you to register the custom post types you want to configure on each of your plans with the plugin allowed. And here’s how it works:

For this example, we’re using WooCommerce, since it offers a new custom post type called products.

Notice that we have WooCommerce installed, but not activate on our network

Although we have it installed and active on our Template Site, that will be applied to all the sites from a Medium Plan account

If you have a plugin that registers a custom post type and you do not activate it globally (network-wide), WP Ultimo will not be able to detect the custom post type and therefore you will not be able to limit it on a plan per plan basis.

This means you don’t get to see this custom post type on your Quotas and Limits tab, inside your Plan Editor

To be able to do that, go to WP Ultimo Settings and click the Tools tab. There, look for the Add Custom Post Type section and write the post types you need. In this case we’re using products from WooCommerce.

You need to add one custom post type per line

Save the changes and go to your Plan Editor, where you can now set this post type quota.

Now, every time a new account is created, users will be able to see the plugin’s custom post type on their Dashboard and know how many posts they still have available.

This is how your clients will see their Dashboard

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