Starting on 2.0 you can now see exactly what your user will see once you finish setting up your network. That’s the “View as a Subscriber” mode!

After upgrading your plugin to our newest version (2.0), you will have at your top-right corner, right beside the admin’s name, a link that will redirect you to a preview of your subscribers’ site, based on their plan.

New menu at the top-right of the screen

Redirecting to subscriber's view

Once the redirection is finished, you will see your subscribers’s Dashboard. In this case, we have chosen to see it as a Basic Plan subscriber.

This is how your subscriber's dashboard looks like

You can now have access to all the pages a subscriber would have and see if it suits your needs and what you have imagined for your plan.
Also you can check your subscriber’s account page generated by WP Ultimo.

Your subscriber's Account Page

To go back to your network Dashboard just place your cursor over “Viewing as…”, and click “Switch back to viewing as…”. As simple as that!

Just click this button and go back to Network Admin's Dashboard

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