Managing a Network takes a lot of navigating around the network and main site admin panels. A huge portion of this time is wasted by searching for the right menu to click when trying to reach a certain page, or navigating the many levels of the links on the admin top-bar.

WP Ultimo Jumper aims to fix that issue and give all that wasted time back to you.

Ok, but what is the WP Ultimo Jumper?

The Jumper is a new, simpler UI to navigate between WordPress Admin Pages. It offers an interface similar to Spotlight on MacOS, for those familiar with it.

A quick reminder that you can use the Jumper until you get used to the ideia

It can be triggered by using ctrl + alt + g (cmd + option + g on a Mac), and it looks like this.

(GIF) As simple as it gets: Open, Type, Go

It follows 2 simple rules:

  1. If the URL is local to your network (meaning, is a URL inside the admin panel of your network), it redirects you to that URL;
  2. If the URL is an external URL – and you can add your own custom URLs – (e.g. a link to your WPEngine Dashboard, for example), it opens the URL in a new browser tab.

Customizing the Jumper

You can extend the Jumper adding your own custom links and change the trigger key on WP Ultimo Settings > Tools;

Changing the trigger key

On the Jumper settings, set the Trigger Key option to your desired trigger key. The new keyboard shortcut will be ctrl + alt + your chosen key (cmd + option + your chosen key on a Mac),

You can set your own trigger key

Adding custom links is as simple as it can get. Simply add a new line onto the Custom Links settings, following the format Your Link Title :*.

Adding Custom Links is really simple

Custom Links on the Jumper

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