Managing Memberships

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article refers to WP Ultimo version 2.x. If you are using version 1.x, see this article.

A Membership is what your customer gets when a purchase is made on your network via WP Ultimo.

The membership tracks renewals, the products purchased, expiration dates, and everything else relevant to the relationship established between the customer and your company at the time of the purchase.

Membership in WP Ultimo is automated. It automatically updates its status and expiration once payment is made and keep a record of all the related transaction. So the task involved in managing membership on your network should be very minimal.

You can find the Membership page under the WP Ultimo menu.

The membership page will show you a list of all the memberships within your network. You will have a quick view of the membership status, the customer and product associated with it, the amount, and its expiration.

You also have an option to filter the list based on the membership status: active, pending, on hold, expired or cancelled.

Adding or creating a membership should be automated since users are expected to sign up through your site's registration pages but should you need to create a membership manually, you find the Add Membership button at the top of the page.

To edit an existing membership, you just need to click the Edit link under a specific membership. It will redirect you to the Edit Membership page where you can find more detailed information. 

You will immediately see the product(s) included in the membership, the payment history, and the sites associated with it.

Under the Membership Option section, you will see different tabs where you can adjust limits and quotas, enabled custom domains, and set the plugin and theme behavior. The values for these options are automatically inherited based on the product/plan the user is subscribed under. For more information about product options, please see this article.

On the right-hand side, you have an option to manually change the status of the membership. You can also change the customer associated with it as well as update the membership expiration. You need to be cautious in performing such action though as it will affect the entire membership functionality.

The membership page will be the page to go to should you need to check the subscription status of a specific user or verify what products are included in their membership as well as the subsites associated with the user. It will allow you to make modifications or any changes needed on the membership level to meet the need of your users, like adding disk space limits or just simply updating billing information

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