Upgrading a Plan

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article refers to WP Ultimo version 1.x. If you are using version 2.x, see this article.

Your customers are able to upgrade their plans at any time. In this tutorial we will cover how they can upgrade their plan and what happens after the upgrade process.

To upgrade their plan, your customers should access their dashboard and go to the Account page.

On the Account page, they will be shown the current plan they are subscribed under.

To upgrade to another plan, they must click on Change Plan at the bottom of the Plan section.

They will be redirected to a pricing table where all the available plans will be displayed - including the current plan the customer is subscribed under.

They can select which billing frequency they want to use from now on (monthly, quarterly or yearly) and the specific plan they want to subscribe to.

After selecting a plan by clicking on Select Plan, they will be redirected to a confirmation page.

After clicking on Yes, I'm sure, your customer will be redirected to the account dashboard and will be shown a confirmation message about the plan upgrade.

If your customers go to the Dashboard tab, they will be able to see that the new limits of the plan are already being applied - users, visits, posts, etc...

On the upgrading process, the customer will only be charged the difference between the plans. Only on the new next billing date - which will be 30 days after the upgrade date - the customer will start to be charged the full price for the subscription.

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