Your Client's Account Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article refers to WP Ultimo version 1.x. If you are using version 2.x, see this article.

Your network is ready, your personalized registration flow is working, and you are starting to get your first clients.

And how can they manage their accounts? This is what we will briefly explain in this article.

The Account Page

Once your client finishes their registration process a new subsite will be created in the network. Then the user (your client) can log in to their dashboard using the username and password they created.

From their subsite dashboard, they can navigate to their  Account page where they can manage their plan's resources.


On the Plan module, they can see to which plan they are currently subscribed. If they want to upgrade or downgrade it, they can click the Change Plan button.

Account Status and Actions

Right below this module, they can see their Account Status: how much they pay for the plan, what is the payment method being used, and when the account expires.

They can also click to Delete Account. This is an irreversible action, so they will be asked to confirm it.

Sites Lists

On the Sites Lists module your customer can see all the sites they have and accesses its dashboard and frontend. They can also click to Add new Site. Once they reach their limit number for sites, a warning message will be shown.

Custom Domain

If you have custom domain mapping active in your network, subsite users can set their personal domain under the Account page.

Billing History

Finally, there's a table where users can see all their billing history.

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