How to get help

You got your valid License key, and attached to that is access to our team to help you solve issues you might encounter during your time setting up WP Ultimo. 

This lesson covers the available support channels for license holders and what kind of info you'll need to have at hand to contact our support team.

Help Site

You can access different articles and tutorials from our help site which you can find in the link below.

We encourage our users to familiarize themselves with WP Ultimo's basic features and functions.  There are "Getting Started" articles available on our help site and answers to common questions can be found there as well, like how to install add-ons, how to integrate payment gateways etc.

Contact Support

Should you get stuck and unable to find the answer from our help site, you can reach out to our support team either by clicking the speech bubble icon located at the lower right side of our website OR by sending an email directly to

When contacting support for technical issues, please make sure you provide a detailed description of your issue along with a screenshot, error messages, or any information that will be helpful to our support people to easily understand and evaluate your problem. You also need to provide your license key. Only active license holders are entitled to support.

Community Site

Our community site is a venue for WP Ultimo users to interact with each other. It serves as an information system where members can post, comment on discussions, give advice, collaborate or crowdsource. You will be required to provide your WP Ultimo license key to unlock private spaces/pages.
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