Putting yourself in your Customers' shoes

After our admin tour, is time to understand what your customers see when they visit your site and try to register.

Our goal with this lesson is to teach you how the customer flows work inside WP Ultimo, how they can manage their accounts, perform upgrades, downgrades, and all of that good stuff.

Default Registration

Once you have installed WP Ultimo in your WordPress Multisite, it will automatically generate a registration page and the default page slug will be "register". So the registration URL will be something like  https://yourdomain.com/register/ and the default registration page will look like the screenshot below.

The default registration page consists of the Plan or product selection; User details fields which include  username, email & password;Site Details like  site title & site URL. It will also display the order summary which will automatically calculate the total amount based on the product selected by the user. It will also include the billing fields for the payment method configured under your WP Ultimo settings.

The end-user who wishes to register will need to fill in the fields and enter their billing information. Upon clicking the  Checkout button, they will be redirected to a confirmation page.

Account Page

Once the payment is completed and the email address is confirmed, the system will automatically generate the subsite. Then the user can log in to their subsite dashboard using the username and password they created.

From their subsite dashboard, they can navigate to their  Account page where they can manage the  Membership plan. They can click the  Change button if they wish to upgrade or downgrade their plan or add additional packages or services to their existing plan. The membership widget will also display some information regarding their existing plan.

Under the  Account page, subsite users can also map custom domain, view their invoice and their site limits & quotas. They can also perform some actions, like changing their password, deleting the site, or deleting their account itself.

Aside from the account page, subsite users can also navigate on different default WordPress admin pages like Posts, Pages, Plugins, Appearance, etc.
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