Touring the Admin Panel

The WP Ultimo Grand Tour

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WP Ultimo aims to be as simple and self-explanatory as possible, but when you have a tool that does as much as ours do, it might be overwhelming to learn how to navigate the plugin options and admin pages on your own.

In this lesson, we'll have a tour of the WP Ultimo admin pages to help you get situated. We'll also cover particular pages of interest when getting started and teach you how to use  The Jumper to get around faster.


WP Ultimo  Dashboard will show you some basic reports and analytics. This includes revenues, site activities like which product is selling, how many new memberships your site is getting, the number of site visitors, and its location.

Checkout Forms

The  Checkout Forms will give you the flexibility you need to create custom registration pages. You can customize and pick the fields and information you wish to collect from your users. You can also insert custom classes and custom scripts within your form as well as put restrictions based on visitor or user country or location.


The  Products section is where you can create different plans, packages, and services you wish to offer within your network. Here you can define the prices, billing frequencies, as well as limits & quotas on the product level


The  Memberships page will allow you to see the list of subscriptions within your network. You can review and edit members subscription details such as plans and products included in their subscription, the number of sites, billing amount and frequency, payment history of each member and timestamps.


Payments page will give you a quick view of the payment history within your entire network as well as detailed payment information of a specific transaction. Like specific product and amount paid by the customer for that transaction.


The  Customers page will show the list of members registered in your network.  This page displays basic user information including name and email address, last login, and also a "switch to" link that will allow you to log in to the user's subsite as a site administrator instead of a super admin account.


Sites page contains the complete list of subsites within your network. This includes the "site templates" and subsites owned by customers or members of your network. You can easily access and manage subsites details like mapped domains, limits & quotas, plugins and themes, and site thumbnail.


The  Domains page is dedicated to custom domains or mapped domains associated with subsites within your network. As a super admin, you have an option to manually add or map custom domain names from here. You can edit or view specific details of each domain from here like DNS records and logs

Discount Codes

Discount Codes are basically coupon codes should you wish to offer discounts to your end-users. You can create a coupon code from here and specify the desired discount value you want to issue to a specific or a group of users.


Broadcasts is a useful tool for super admin in rolling out announcements or sending private messages to your subsite users. You can target specific user groups based on the plan or product they are subscribed under.


The  Settings page is where you go to configure WP Ultimo. You can edit things such as registration settings, payments, API and webhooks, domain mapping and other integrations. You can also access and install WP Ultimo add-ons from here.

Installing WP Ultimo Add-ons

To install WP Ultimo add-ons go to the  Add-ons block on the right side of the  Settings page and click the  Check our Add-ons button. This will redirect you to the list of WP Ultimo add-ons, where you can download and install them.


The  Events page keeps a record of all the events and logs happening within your entire network. It tracks different activities happening in your multisite, like plan changes. This is super useful in helping you monitor different movements or changes.


This section is for advanced users as webhooks are commonly used to deliver data to another application. This is useful should you need to send data from WP Ultimo to another platform like Zapier.

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