Installing WP Ultimo (V2)

The time has come!
You finally have everything you need to get started building your online business with WordPress Multisite and WP Ultimo.

How do I install WP Ultimo?
After finishing your WP Ultimo purchase, you will receive an email with the .zip file of our plugin. You can also download it from the client panel provided by Freemius.
After getting the file, go to your network Dashboard and access the  Plugins page where you can manage all the plugins you have.

There, click Add New and then, Upload Plugin.

Choose the .zip file of WP Ultimo and click Install Now.

You should receive a confirmation message. Right below this message click to Network Activate your plugin, since WP Ultimo is a multisite plugin and needs to be activated network-wide.

That will redirect you to our Setup Wizard, where you are able to set up your network in few minutes by clicking  Get Started.

After clicking  Get Started, it will redirect you to the   Pre-Install Checks. This will show you your System Information and WordPress installation and tell you if it meets WP Ultimo's requirements.

The next step is to key in your WP Ultimo license key and activate the plugin. This will ensure that all the features including add-ons will be available on your site.

After putting in your key, click   Agree & Activate.

After license activation, you can start the actual installation by clicking  Install on the next page. This will automatically create the necessary files and database for WP Ultimo to function.

The next step is to configure basic settings like filling in your company information and default currency.

The following page will allow you to install predefined templates, products, etc. This will help you get started and serve as your guide to familiarize yourself in managing WP Ultimo features.

And this is all it takes! You can click  Finish or start navigating WP Ultimo from the left-hand side of your network admin dashboard. Go ahead and have some fun!

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