How to join WP Ultimo Community

WP Ultimo Community is a space where you can get in touch with other WP Ultimo users and share tips, experiences and more. To access WP Ultimo Community go to

On the welcome page go to the “creating your account here” link.

You will be redirected to our register page. Now you need to enter a username, your email and a password. Do the Captcha and click the Register button.

After registering it’s time to create your profile. On this page you can upload your photo, enter your full name, write a little bio and so on. Also, add your social media links and set permissions for your account.

Now you are on the “Introductions” channel, where you can introduce yourself and get to know a little bit about other members. You can create your post by clicking on the New Post button.

Channels on the Lounge section and the “Dev Logs” channel are open to everyone. However you will need a special permission to access other channels in the community.

This access will be granted once you provide us with your active WP Ultimo license key. To do it click on any private channel link and then click the Unlock button.

You will be redirected to our unlock access page. Enter your WP Ultimo license key and click the Unlock Access button:

Your license will be validated and you will be able to access private channels. This process can take up to 24 hours, so click the link to go back to the community and enjoy the other spaces while we process your requisition.

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