Managing System Emails

Reseting & Importing system emails

New WP Ultimo versions, as well as add-ons, can and will register new emails from time to time. 
To prevent conflicts and other issues, we won't add the new email templates as System Emails on your install automatically, unless they are crucial to the correct functioning of a given feature.
However, super admins and agents can import this newly registered emails via the importer tool. That process will create a new system email with the content and configuration of the new email template, allowing the super admin to make any modifications they want or keep them as is.

How to import system emails

Go to your WP Ultimo Settings page and head to the Emails tab.

Then, on the sidebar, click on the Customize System Emails button.

On the System Emails page, you'll see the Reset & Import action button on the top. Clicking that button should open the import and reset modal window.

Then, you can toggle the Import Emails options to see which system emails are available to be imported.

Reseting System Emails

Other times, you'll realize that the changes you made to a given email template are not working for you anymore and you'd like to reset it to their default state.
In such cases, you have two options: you can simply delete the system email and import it back (using the instructions above) - which will erase send metrics and other things, which makes this method least preferred.
Or you can use the Reset & Import tool to reset that email template.
To reset an email template, you can follow the steps above until you reach the Reset & Import tool, and then, toggle the Reset option and select the emails you want to reset back to their default content.

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