Get access to beta releases by joining the Beta Program

Get access to beta releases by joining the Beta Program

Since 1.7.0, WP Ultimo has an option to enable beta version notifications (alpha and release-candidate releases as well). This will allow us to ship versions more frequently and catch critical bugs before we release the final version.

For it to work, however, we need people to join our beta program, to run tests on your development networks when new alphabetarc releases are out (do not activate the Beta Program on production networks!) and report the bugs they find on the forums.

If you would like to help make WP Ultimo even better, just follow the steps below.

Joining the Beta Program

The first step to join the Beta Program is to activate your copy with your license code so you’ll have access to our updates server. That can be done on the Activation and Support tab of the WP Ultimo settings page.

Activate your copy with your License Code

Then, right above the activation options, you will see the Beta Program option. Checking that box and saving the page will include you in the Beta Program.

No usage information is transmitted to our servers about your network or data. The only thing joining the Beta Program does is to change the behavior of the updater. Previously, alpha, beta and release-candidate releases would not display any update notice on your dashboard. Here’s what you’ll see once you join the Beta Program and a new beta release is out:

Alpha, Beta and Release-Candidate (RC) Releases will appear as available updates as soon as they are published

Types of Releases

WP Ultimo will start to follow best practices in progressive releases. Any new version will walk through three different stages: alpha, beta and release candidates.

Alpha Phase

Alpha software can be unstable and could cause crashes or data loss. Alpha software may not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version. The alpha phase usually ends with a feature freeze, indicating that no more features will be added to the software. At this time, the software is said to be feature complete.

Beta Phase

Software in the beta phase will generally have many more bugs in it than completed software, as well as speed/performance issues and may still cause crashes or data loss. The focus of beta testing is reducing impacts to users.

Release Candidate

A release candidate (RC) is a beta version with potential to be a final product, which is ready to release unless significant bugs emerge. In this stage of product stabilization, all product features have been designed, coded and tested through one or more beta cycles with no known showstopper-class bugs. There could still be source code changes to fix defects.

Leaving the Beta Program

Leaving the beta program is as simple as visiting the Activation & Support page and unchecking the Beta Program option.

You’ll still be notified of stable releases for update, but beta releases will no longer appear as available updates.

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