How to Get Custom Development Help from Codeable?

Sometimes, we really need some awesome customization to make our network flows exactly the way we want. If that's what you are looking for, we recommend Codeable, a place where you can find experienced developers with WP Ultimo expertise.

Codeable is a platform connecting customers with qualified WordPress freelance developers, able to work on projects of any size. They have a meticulous application process to ensure you are matched with experts specifically qualified for the task you have in mind.

How to create a project in Codeable?

First, go to Codeable and click the Start a Project button.

Now, to submit a project, click on the left to Start a Project.

In "I need help with", choose Customizing:

In "My", choose Plugin:

Then click the Continue button.

Now, it's time to describe your project and needs the best way you can. Try to give as much information as possible!

Answer the following questions to help with pricing.

After that, if you don't have a Codeable account yet, create one and click the Publish My Project button.

Once you have published your Codeable project, the platform will connect you with developers who match the skill set required for your project.

This process will help to find the right person for your job, who has experience with WordPress and WP Ultimo!

Codeable's minimum rate is $70–$120 USD per hour. Estimates will change according to the scope of work, complexity, and urgency of a project.

Once you get your estimate, you will be able to hire the developer that best fits your needs and kick off your project together!

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