Editing Plugins and Themes Meta Information with WP Ultimo: Plugin and Theme Manager

WP Ultimo: Plugin and Theme Manager is a powerful premium WP Ultimo add-on that gives you full control over the way your network users see and interact with the plugin and theme options on your network.

This add-on serves three purposes:

  1. It lets you completely change the metadata of both plugins and themes. That includes name, description, author name, and even thumbnails!
  2. It lets you categorize plugins and themes, to allow your users to easily sort them out.
  3. It gives you the option to replace the old, boring plugins page with a new themes-like page with sorting by categories.

After downloading and installing it, a new tab - Add-on Settings - will show on WP Ultimo Settings page.

Here you'll find the global options added by WP Ultimo: Plugin and Theme Manager

On your network Plugins page you will now be able to edit all the plugins' meta information, such as name, author, and even the plugin's thumbnail.

You can also choose wether to show or not specific plugin information

Plugin and Theme Manager offers two display types: Plugin Style and Theme Style. So, finally, after making the adjustments you need, this is how your customers will see their Plugins page:

Customer's Plugins page showing the Plugin Style

Customer's Plugins page showing the Theme Style

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