Adding a new Currency to the Currency Options

To add a new currency to the currency list on WP Ultimo’s options, you can use the filter function below (add that to your active theme’s functions.php).

function add_currency($currencies) {
$currencies['CODE'] = 'Currency Name'; // Change the code and name of the currency
return $currencies;

add_filter('wu_currencies', 'add_currency');

If you also need to add a symbol to that added currency (WP Ultimo will use the code by default), use the snippet below.

function add_currency_symbol($symbol, $currency) {
if ($currency == 'CODE') {   // Remember to use the right currency code, added in the previous step
return 'THE SYMBOL'; // Change the code here
} else {
return $symbol;

add_filter('wu_currency_symbol', 'add_currency_symbol', 10, 2);

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