Using the Screenshot Scraper for Template Thumbnails

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is only for WP Ultimo version 1.x users

Note: This feature ONLY WORKS IF YOUR NETWORK IS LIVE! Local networks won’t be able to use the Screenshot Scrapper.

By default, the Screenshot Scraper is disabled on WP Ultimo. To activate it, first, go to your Network Settings, on WP Ultimo General Settings, and look for the Site Template section.

There, you will find an option called Enable Screenshot Scraper. Toggle it to activate this feature.

The Screenshot Scraper accesses each of your template sites’ frontend, takes a screenshot and uses that screenshot as the thumbnail on the Template Selection screen.

Click the Screenshot Scraper button to start the process. It might take a while.

If you leave the Screenshot Scraper option enabled, the scraper will re-run automatically every 5 days and refresh the thumbnails if you made any changes to the templates in that time.

If you don’t need that functionality though, you can simply deactivate and re-activate it whenever you need to refresh your thumbnails manually.


If the Screenshot Scraper doesn't seem to work, try these steps:

  1. Check if you have the Screenshot Scraper activated on your Network Settings. Make sure you save the changes you make before trying to manually trigger the scraper.
  2. Run the Screenshot Scraper manually and check the screenshot-scrapper.log file on WP Ultimo -> System Info -> Logs to get further information and contact us to receive technical support.

Important: Keep in mind that our Screenshot Scraper uses a fairly old/abandoned Google API, so if you happened to be making some change right when the scraper is running, that may lead to malformed screenshots.

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