Managing Shareable Links for Plans

WP Ultimo offers you the option to share plan links directly with your clients. In order to do this, go to any of your plans edit page and click the Click to copy the Shareable Link button.

On the Plan's Edit Page you can find the button to create shareable links

Notice that this mechanism uses the default billing frequency to build the link. This means that if your default billing is monthly, for example, in the end, you will have a link like this:  

If you wish the shareable link to default to quarterly, you will have to add 3 at the end

To select the plan premium on a yearly schedule, you'd add 1 then the word:

Keep in mind that you can’t have only one link for different billing frequencies. You should share one specific link for each of your billing frequencies.

Once you share the link with your customers, it will redirect them to the first step of your signup flow.

In this example, our first step is the Template Selection

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