How can I upgrade my license?

If you have a Starter, Plus or Pro license of WP Ultimo, you can upgrade them easily to another type. Just follow the steps below:

Access your account page through the link you received in your e-mail after buying WP Ultimo:

Use the email you provided during the purchase and the password you received in your email.

If this is your first time logging in to this account, you will be asked for changing your password

This is your Account Page inicial screen:

To upgrade your license, on the menu on the left, go to Renewing & Billing.

Click the arrow on the right to open a side window. There you should select the license you want to upgrade to. 

In this example, the user is a Pro license holder (3 networks) and wants to upgrade to one of our unlimited licenses.

You can choose between the annual payment (Plus) or the one time payment (Lifetime)

It will calculate the difference you should pay for your new license and...

That's it! You have just upgraded your WP Ultimo license.

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