What's the difference between Single Network and Multiple Networks Licenses?

Once you decided to build your own Website as a Service business, it's time to decide which kind of license fits your needs.

WP Ultimo offers four kinds of plans:

  • Starter: 1 network - $99 (per year) - Free add-ons included 
  • Plus: 3 networks - $169 (per year) - Free add-ons included 
  • Pro: Unlimited networks - $249 (per year) - Premium and Free add-ons included 
  • Lifetime: Unlimited networks - $499 (one time) - Premium and Free add-ons included 

But what is the diference between them? Well, the biggest one lies on how many networks you will be allowed to have.

One network corresponds to one WordPress install with Multisite enabled, though the number of sub-sites or sub-domains does not matter.

Our Starter license allows you to use WP Ultimo in one, and only one, network. While with our Plus license you can use the plugin in three WordPress installs with Multisite enabled.

On the other hand, our Pro and Lifetime licenses offer unlimited networks. This allows you to have as many networks as you wish. For example, you can set up different businesses running on different WordPress Multisite installs.

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