Why is WP Ultimo no longer sold at CodeCanyon?

NO! Our plugin price IS NOT $100,000!

We recently changed our pricing model, therefore WP Ultimo will not be sold at CodeCanyon anymore.

OMG! I bought a license on CodeCanyon! What will happen to me?

Don't worry! If you are one of our early supporters and bought WP Ultimo before prices changed, you now own a Lifetime License and can access all of our add-ons. 

You will find WP Ultimo at the platform though, at an unusual high price, in order to avoid purchases there. The product will not be removed from CodeCanyon until the transition process is fully completed.

This is due to the type of licenses we have.

In the beginning, WP Ultimo was a one-time payment plugin.

Today, we rely on subscriptions plans (except for our Lifetime license), which are not supported by CodeCanyon.

Now, you will find us on our website wpultimo.com, where you will be able purchase our plugin.

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