How to migrate your network from Pro Sites to WP Ultimo

WP Ultimo now offers you a helpful tool to get you to migrate your Pro Sites network! On this tutorial, we will show you how this migrator works.

First of all, you will need to have both of our plugins - WP Ultimo and WP Ultimo: Pro Sites Migrator - and Pro Sites active on your network.

To install WP Ultimo: Pro Sites Migrator, go to WP Ultimo’s Add-ons menu and click to Install it Now!. Then, click to Activate.

Activating WP Ultimo: Pro Sites Migrator will redirect you to our Wizard, that you help you through the migrating process.

This tool was designed to make your life much easier by the time you decide to migrate your network of sites. However, it’s really important to understand the differences between WP Ultimo and Pro Sites before taking this action. You can be informed about this differences and much more by reading the post we wrote for you, Pro Sites user.

Once your ready to proceed with the migration process, click the Let’s Go! button to continue.

This is the first screen of our wizard. It is there to remind you of the risks you are taking by migrating without a backup of your network. That’s why we strongly recommend you to do so, in order to avoid any permanent damages to your business.

If you took the appropriate measures to mitigate those damages and are aware of the risks this process involve, check the box to continue.

Next step, before migrating, is to choose wether you will continue to use WPMU DEV’s Domain Mapping plugin or change to our WP Ultimo Domain Mapping solution.

This is totally up to you, since their plugin is completely compatible with WP Ultimo! Just choose the option that best fits you and proceed to the next step by clicking Continue.

NOTE: If you are not using WPMU DEV's Domain Mapping plugin, you can skip this step.

Until this point no action was taken. Now we arrive at the Migration step, where you will be able to uncheck the migrations you want to skip, if they are not a mandatory one.

Once you are ready, click to Start Migration and wait a few seconds.

When the process is finished you will be asked to deactivate the plugins that may cause conflict with your network, now that WP Ultimo is running.

And… that’s it! You are totally ready to rock with WP Ultimo by your side! We hope you enjoy your experience!

Troubleshooting: If you are having any problems with the migration process, access our log. It might help you find what’s going wrong.

Just go to WP Ultimo >> System Info >> Logs, and choose the pro-sites-migrator.log file.

If you still have questions and want to chat with us directly, use the chat bubble on the bottom-right corner of this page to say hi!

We're here to help! =)

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