Getting started with: Coupons

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is only for WP Ultimo version 1.x users

With WP Ultimo you can create coupons to give your clients discounts on their subscriptions. And creating them is easy!

First of all, go to you WP Ultimo Network Settings and, on the Sign up & Login Options, enable coupon codes.

You can choose the behavior you want WP Ultimo to use regarding coupon codes

Then, go to the Coupons menu on the left side of your Dashboard.

This is your Network's Dashboard

There you’ll have a list of the coupons you’ve already created. You can edit the ones you have or click to Add new Coupon.

You will be redirected to this page

Write your coupon code and add a brief description. Remember that the coupon code must be a unique value.

On the menu on the right, define if the discount will be a percentage or a pre-fixed amount of money.

Then, in the Coupon Settings box, on the General tab choose how many times the coupon can be used, its expiring date and for how many billing cycles it will work.

In this same box, on the Plans & Frequencies tab, check the boxes with the plans and billing frequencies that will allow this coupon.

Click to Create Coupon and it’s done!

The coupon is now on your list and, from there, you can click to edit or delete it.

Finally, you can also click to Copy Shareable Link. The link will lead your costumer to our pricing table and, on the final register screen, the coupon will be added automatically.

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