Getting Started with: Manual Payments Gateway

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article refers to WP Ultimo version 1.x. If you are using version 2.x, see this article.

In WP Ultimo version 1.x the default payment gateway is limited to PayPal and Stripe. We understand that there are locations or countries that will have limited access to certain payment methods that won't be available in WP Ultimo. Manual Payments will help you get around that limitation.

How to enable Manual Payments

To enable the manual payment option go to your network admin dashboard, then find WP Ultimo and click Settings. Click the Payment Gateways tab and put a check on the Manual checkbox. 

Once enabled, additional fields will show up that will allow you to label and put instructions on how your end user can send their payment.

The Button Label field will be the text that will appear on the payment button once the user gets to the payment integration page or the registration.

Waiting Days is the grace period or the number of days you wish to allow your user to settle the payment before their account status change.

The Payment Instruction field is where you can put in the complete instruction or steps your end-user need to take to complete their payment. For Bank transfer, for example, you can put in your bank account information like bank account name and number where the user can wire transfer their payment. Make sure you provide a clear instruction to your users to avoid any inconvenience.

How to manage Manual Payments

The flow for Manual Gateway is fairly simple and requires little effort from the admin. You can manage it all from your Subscriptions panel. Here’s how it works:

When users who selected manual payments finish their purchase or reach the end of their subscription time, the subscription will be marked as On Hold.

A pending payment transaction is added to his Billing History. The little flag indicates a pending payment.

An invoice is sent to the email address provided during signup, with the instructions to pay it.

Once you confirm the payment, you can mark the pending payment as paid.

After that, the subscription will be activated or renewed automatically.

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