Managing Subscriptions

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article refers to WP Ultimo version 1.x. If you are using version 2.x, see this article.

On WP Ultimo V1 we developed a centralized way to control every single subscription on your network.

The Subscription Page

The Subscriptions page lets you easily navigate all subscriptions on your network. You can access it on the WP Ultimo menu.

On this list you can see the subscription status (active, on hold, trialing or inactive), the plan attached to it, the billing amount and frequency, and when it expires.

If you click to See Details, you'll be redirected to the dedicated page that subscription has.

Let's take a look at the blocks on that page.

Subscription Details

On this block you can edit the date this subscription was created and when it will expire, set a number of trial days for it and change the plan attached to it. Just click the pencil icon next to each item.

You can also add or remove months to the subscription expiring date.

Sites List

A list of all sites attached to this subscription. On this block you can visit the sites' dashboard, frontend, and edit its settings.

You can also manually add sites to the subscription.

Billing History

One of the most important elements of the subscription management screen is the Billing History block. It will display every transaction performed in the user’s subscription, from payments to refunds to new integrations. You will use that block to provide refunds when necessary and when you need to add payments manually.


This block allows you to visit the user's profile and make changes that will alter the subscription payment details.

By checking the Mark as Free box, this user won't be charged anymore.

You can also change the subscription price and frequency. On this block you also find the button to Update Subscription. Click this to save all the changes you've made.

Note: Changing price and frequency will remove the current integration from that user (the subscription on the remote payment processor will be canceled as well). The user will be required to re-integrate a form of payment.

Payment Integrations

This block shows the integration status and which gateway this subscription is using along with its integration key (when it exists). You can not alter any of these, but you can click to Cancel Subscription to remove the payment integration and cancel the subscription on the remote payment gateway, when it is supported.

Coupon Code and Setup Fee

Finally, you can add a coupon code or apply a setup fee to this specific subscription. The setup fee will be charged only once and the option will be automatically unchecked when this payment is received.

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