Creating you First Plan

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article refers to WP Ultimo version 1.x. If you are using version 2.x, see this article.

When managing a network of premium sites, you may want to have different plans to offer to your clients for them to have different options to choose from.

By default, if you chose to generate  default content for plans in our set-up wizard, WP Ultimo creates for you three plans: Basic, Medium and Premium.

You can edit the existing plans by clicking on the Edit button right bellow the plan’s name.

But, of course, you can create new plans according to your necessities. Editing an existing plan is pretty much the same as adding a new one. You are just basically editing the values and saving the changes. 

In this article, we will focus more on creating or adding a new plan. To do so, go to your Plans page and click to Add new Plan.

If this is your first time editing or creating a plan, you will be guided by our assistant. 

First, choose a name to your new plan. You can also add a description that will appear on the pricing table. 

Now, we will move to the menu on the right, where we can define prices, time intervals, setup fees and so on.

Define your plan’s price. You can set one value for each time interval or mark it as a Free Plan.

Another option is to make it a Contact Us plan, in which users should reach you out to know the price they should pay for your services. In this case, you need to insert a contact link.

Each of your plans can have a setup fee too. Just add the price to the corresponding space.

To show it as a featured plan, just check this box!

Make it a secret plan, by hiding it from pricing table and change plan options. You can share it via links once it’s published!

Finally, you have all the Advanced Options. Here you can select different quotas for different post types, add custom lines to the pricing tables, and even limit which plugins and themes will be available for those users.

On the General tab, you can choose your plan's slug, allow custom domains for this specific plan, set a different Trial Period and other settings regarding roles and site templates.

Limit the quotas for posts, pages, media and disk space. You can also limit the number of extra users, sites and visits for the plan.

Note that limiting the upload quota space will only be possible if you have turned this option on in the Network Settings page.

On the Pricing Table tab, you can check which post types you want to show on your pricing tables. You can add custom feature descriptions too!

Finally, you can decide which plugins and themes will be available specifically for this plan.
Remember that plugins cannot be network-active, while themes must be network-enabled.

After making all the adjustments you need, just click Create Plan and add this new option to your users!

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