Installing WP Ultimo

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article refers to WP Ultimo version 1.x. If you are using version 2.x, see this article.

NOTE 1: This tutorial assumes that you already have your WordPress Multisite installed and configured. To see how you can install and configure WP Multisite, take a look at this tutorial by WP Beginner.

NOTE 2: WP Ultimo v1 is the previous version of our plugin. Right now, our development team focus is on the WP Ultimo v2, so we highly encourage our customers to use WP Ultimo v2 instead of v1. If you have WP Ultimo v1, you can easily migrate it to WP Ultimo v2 by following the instructions at: Migrating from v1.

How to Download WP Ultimo v1

If you bought WP Ultimo before we launched 2.0, you have received an email with the .zip file of the latest stable version of 1.x.

Customers that recently purchased WP Ultimo will not receive a link to download WP Ultimo v1.

If you want to download the latest stable version of WP Ultimo v1, you can download it here. Just enter your Freemius license key and choose the version you want to download.

Where to find your license key

After finishing your purchase, you will receive an email with your license key – along with a .zip file with the latest stable version of WP Ultimo v2.


You can also sign in to your Freemius account and click on the Licenses tab. To learn how to activate WP Ultimo using your license key, please refer to: Activate WP Ultimo. Keep in mind your license key can activate both versions of WP Ultimo (v1 and v2).

Installing WP Ultimo v1:

After getting the WP Ultimo v1 .zip file go to your network Dashboard and access the Plugins page.

There, click Add New and then, Upload Plugin.

Choose the .zip file of WP Ultimo and click Install Now.

You should receive a confirmation message. Right below this message click to Network Activate your plugin.

Setup Wizard:

After network activating WP Ultimo, you will be redirected to our Setup Wizard, where you are able to set up your network in few minutes by clicking Let's Go! If you don't want to do it right after installing the plugin just click the Not not right now button. The Wizard is accessible via the Help Tabs in any of our plugin pages and you can do this later.

First step allows you to change some general settings regarding features like gateways, registration, domain mapping, trial period, currency, and others.

Second step concerns custom domain support. Follow the instructions on the page to enable this support.

WP Ultimo also lets you start your network with some default content. You can configure if you want it or not in the third step of the Setup Wizard.

In the fourth step you can upload your network logo, that will be displayed on login and sign-up pages.

After that, you will be asked to agree to our support conditions shown in the fifth step of the setup wizard.

And this is all it takes! Click the button to Go to theDashboard and start rocking with your network of websites!

You're ready to rock with WP Ultimo!

Now you have on the menu on your left all the WP Ultimo options that will help you managing your Website as a Service (WaaS) business! Go ahead and have some fun!

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